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Are You looking to Start a Website or Blog online?

I help you set up your new WordPress blog or website or Blog at no cost with Free Domain that includes best configuration and tools that will help to grow your blog. Here are all things that you get with my free WordPress blog setup service with 15-days of free email support:

Starting a blog is the best way to share your ideas and expertise online. Or expand your online business. It’s a great tool to promote your personal brand or business. You can also make money from your blog. Luckily, in 2018, creating a blog is easier than ever.

We can help you to setup your Blog or website for free & also offer Digital Marketing Consultation Services (If Required).

wordpress servicesWhy Do We recommend WordPress?

When starting your own blog or Website or E-commerce Store, there are several platforms to choose from (Tumblr, blogger etc..).

However, one that really stands out from the pack is WordPress. It Will offer you many benefits & features. You can Setup a Blog, Online Ecommerce Store, Sell physical or Digital Products or a Website.

It’s FREE, very user-friendly, and perfect for people who’ve never built a blog before. See FAQ Below For Further Clarification.

Everything You Need to Build a Successful Blog:

We have helped over 5000 people since 2012 to get started with WordPress. Here’s everything that you get with our free WordPress blog setup service.


We install self-hosted WordPress software with proper configurations By Linking your Domain DNS With your Webhosting service.

Blazing Fast

We add caching solutions to make sure that your site is blazing fast.


We add security plugins to help protect your site from hackers. The Plugin Helps you to block high-security risks on your website.


We work with you to pick the best Free WordPress theme for YOU!

Domain + Web Hosting

Every website needs a domain and web hosting. A domain is your website’s address on the internet (i.e Web hosting is where your website lives on the internet. It’s where your files, images, and articles are stored.

Free Website or Blog Setup Service:

In order for us to keep our business model sustainable and provide you with this excellent service, we require users to signup with our partner web hosts. These companies are hand-picked by our founder, Mahesh, and they are known to offer top-notch service.

This way you get quality web hosting, which you were going to pay for anyways. At no additional cost to you, we receive a small commission from our partner web hosting companies for referring a new client. You actually end up getting significant discounts because each of these companies offers special deals to our readers.

It’s a WIN WIN WIN, all the way around. We will Suggest You Best Web Hosting providers in the world. If you already Bought the web Hosting, You won’t be eligible for this offer.

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Why you SHOULDN’T create a blog on a free platform

it’s true, you can create your blog free. But it’ll be very limited in functionality, it’ll look boring, and the address will look somewhat childish (e.g.,, which diminishes your credibility.

There are some serious flaws in free options you need to know about:

  1. No Control – Your blog is being hosted on another website (e.g.,,, If you violate their terms of service (even by accident), they can shut down your blog any time (it has happened before).
  2. No Customization – You can’t use all the free plugins or themes. Heck, you can’t even use custom themes to really make your blog stand out.
  3. Other Limitations – Free space of the only 3GB. For posts, images, and perhaps videos—that’s just not enough.

In short, don’t create a free blog, especially if you’re serious about starting a blog. Later migrating to a better option from a free blogging platform can be very time to consume and tricky.

Instead, create a self-hosted WordPress blog where you don’t have any limitations. Plus, you’ll be able to use your own (professional) domain name.

Why People Use & Recommend WordPress?
  • It’s FREE (you only need a web host & domain name)
  • There are 5,000+ free & paid WordPress themes available to make your design look top-quality.
  • They have a super helpful support forum.
  • It offers 45,000+ free plugins to help your blog run more smoothly and efficiently.

91% of all blogs are running on WordPress, including this one— and WordPress are also used by 62% of the top 100 company blogs.

Can I use a blog to make money online?


Some effective bloggers profit ($100k/month or more), and its vast majority is inactive, as well.

There are unending approaches to win cash with your blog.

A few people are putting forth benefits, some utilizing Google Adsense program, some are adapting their web journals with Amazon and some are simply offering physical/advanced things.

Is blogging completely FREE?

The answer is “Yes.” You can even create a blog free if you want to.

BUT there are a couple of things you should pay for ,

  1. A domain name ( will cost around $10/year (but you can get it free—more about that later).
  2. Web hosting is usually around $4-$15/month or more (although, the host We use and recommend is a bit under $3/mo).
How much time does blogging take?

Nonetheless, picking a Domain name and the blog’s topic (which decides what it would seem that) could take a while in the event that you don’t know what you want them to be.

Ultimately, making a quality content that your potential perusers need to peruse can take much additional time. In general, blogging doesn’t need to take much time. It’s totally up to you to choose how genuinely you need to take it.

It took me a while to find someone who could accomplish what I needed for my website. I have to say it was well worth the wait.
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I just wanted to say that your response to our website creation needs are amazingly quick and accurate! Your attention to detail and your ability to find and fix what most people don’t is top notch!
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